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As I have stated elsewhere in other blogs and articles, I believe that research is a critical component of good business and decision-making. Indeed, a business plan is worthless without solid research to back up statements and commentary on markets and the industry in which you operate. Furthermore, it is difficult to imagine strategy formulation without an understanding of your industry. Here’s a further thought: What industry are you in? I leave this question with you at this time!We all bandy around the term ‘industry analysis’, but what is it, and what should a good industry analysis report contain?Industry AnalysisQuestions answered by an industry analysis include:- What are the industry dominant economic traits?- What competitive forces are at work in the industry and how strong are they?- What are the forces of change in the industry and what impact will they have?- Which companies are in the strongest/weakest competitive position?- What key factors will determine success or failure?- How attractive is the industry in terms of its prospects for above average profitability?Industry Analysis OutlineHaving identified the questions which should be answered by an industry analysis, the following list provides an outline of the report:- Introductiono Descriptiono Segmentso Caveats- Socio-Economico Relevant governmental or environmental factorso Economic indicators relevant for the industry- Porter’s Five Forceso Threat of new entrants- Economies of scale- Working capital requirements- Proprietary product differences- Absolute cost advantages- Brand identity- Access to distribution- Expected retaliationo Suppliers- Supplier concentration- Presence of substitute inputs- Differentiation of inputs- Importance of volume to supplier- Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation- Threat of forward or backward integration- Access to capital- Access to labouro Buyers- Buyer concentration versus industry concentration- Buyer switching costs- Buyer information- Threat of backward integration- Pull through (use of intermediaries)- Brand identity of buyers- Price sensitivity- Price to total purchaseso Substitute products- Relative price/performance relationship of substitutes- Buyer propensity to substituteo Rivalry- Degree of concentration and balance among competitors- Diversity among competitors- Industry growth rate (past and projected)- Fixed costs/value added- Intermittent overcapacity- Product differentiation- Growth of foreign competition- Corporate stakes- Exit barriers- Conclusiono Critical success factorso Prognosis – the assessment of the future for this industry- Bibliography- Appendiceso Industry ratioso Other relevant indiceso Other relevant dataClearly, not all these sections are relevant for all industries, but it does give a broad outline of the likely contents. then , then , then , then , then , then

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It can be costly to buy automobile tires as they usually have to be changed every few years. If you have these car essentials that are wearing thin, or you need brand new in order to pass inspection, you can take into account different options. You can buy these items online or from superstores but you have to know that tire size and pricing will differ depending on the make and model that your car needs. The following are some avenues to purchase automobile essentials.SuperstoresAutomobile tires from different brands are available in superstores. These stores are expected to have their own technicians who will give assistance in buying the right set. These professionals are also capable of installing new tires and disposing of used or old ones.Tire StoresThese are very common in terms of buying automobile tires. Almost all towns have this kind of stores which offer various tire options that come with all price ranges. You can check the yellow pages to find good automobile tire stores or you can go to in order to find the location of the store near you.Auto Service CentersThese service centers provide a wide selection of these items for your automobile. They have these items that are designed to suit anything from compact to small automobiles to big pick-up trucks and SUVs. You have the option to have brand new for your vehicle while you get your car serviced. Also, you can choose to purchase service center tyres and install them on your own. You just need to inquire from an auto service center in your area if they will install the tire for free because there are centers that install tires for free as long as you buy a new tire set while you can expect a small charge from others.Internet RetailersInternet retailers provide vehicle tyres often at discounted prices. There are plenty of websites out there that sell these items designed to suit almost all makes and models of cars. Many of them also ship these products for free. These retailers sell automobile tires in varieties.Buying automobile necessities is a mix of art and science. It is important to know the right size of these products of your vehicle. However, you should also understand the way you drive, the conditions you will be driving in and the right questions to ask to the tire dealers if you are set to buy new tyres. Wherever you want to purchase your new set of automobile vehicles, it is just a matter of accessibility, convenience and affordability. then , then , then , then , then , then